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By Steve, on March 18, 2015
The Cyclone Speed Rope is absolutely the best speed rope on the market. I'm a big guy and double unders have been my nemesis since I began to crossfit. I was like watching a monkey humping a football. Just wasn't pretty. One day my brother calls me up and said he got a new speed rope. He said his DU improved dramatically. I called BS, so he brought it over. When he showed up and threw my the rope, I instantly noticed that this was not your average rope. There was some high speed construction to this rope. So I gave it a whirl. On the first attempt I did singles . To my delight, I noticed how smooth the rope operated. So I kicked it up to DUs. I don't want to sound like a Tony Little in an infomercial but I was doing DU's like a pro.... who still needs to work on his technique!!!
Long story short, this speed rope is legit. I don't know what Sarah is talking about but this rope WILL help you jump like a champ. Singles, Doubles, or even Triples.. it doesn't matter. This is well worth your money.
By Sara, on March 4, 2015
Was in desperate need get better at double unders. So I purchased this rope along with the RX, RPM, and Rogue ropes. The Cyclone is by far the worst of the bunch. Not sure why where are so many good reviews. It's heavy and an poorly engineered.
By Emily M Kaffel, on October 16, 2014
I've been crossfitting over 3 years and had used a different cable rope for the first 2.5 years and I had DUs pretty solid. At Regionals, my friend convinced me to try Cyclone and I fell in love with it at first sight. Made a movement that was already easy to me, even easier and faster. Plus the colors are so bright and fun. I also got my name engraved at no extra cost! I highly recommend this rope, it's light and fast.
By Mr. D. Temple, on October 1, 2014
Thank you Cyclone for the excellent service and excellent speed rope. The delivery from the States was really quick and the rope has improved both mine and my wife's double unders. Current PR is 76 unbroken.
By J. Cumley, on September 22, 2014
I purchased a Cyclone Speed Rope several months ago and had some issues with the rope (kinked and cracked). I contacted customer service and Matt and Molly were fantastic and sent me a new rope no questions asked. Matt offered to send me a brand new prototype rope free of charge. The previous rope and the new rope are fantastic. This rope will not be the miracle answer to getting double unders but it will help. Practice with this rope and in a matter of no time you will be completing those double under and people will be asking about your awesome looking rope. I would recommend this rope.
By Jason J Meurer, on September 2, 2014
I tested 2 competitors prior to Cyclone and workout with athletes that have burned through numerous others. This has been the most durable and reliable product on the market. It is the rope of choice in my gym.

After months of stuck on no more that 5 reps with other ropes often finding one handle providing different spin rates than the other. I am now regularly hitting 30-40+ with the limiting factor being my own stamina.

By taylor, on August 23, 2014
Best rope I have ever tried! They are light weight, long lasting and great quality. I have had one for almost a year and it's still in great condition. I would never go with another rope again. Best product out there and great customer service. Thumbs up to these guys.
By mandy santiago, on August 18, 2014
I struggled with double unders for almost two years until I tried the Cyclone Speed Rope. The Cyclone Speed Rope is durable, light weight, and fast. This rope has truly helped me overcome the obstacles I was having with double unders. The rope doesn't kink up during storage in your gym bag like other ropes do. I discovered the Cycle Speed Rope during the Crossfit North Central Regionals and haven't looked back since. I also met the owner during regionals and was impressed at how and why he started the company. The company was great to work with after I messed up my cable and sent me a new one without any problem. Definitely would recommend the Cycle Speed Rope or any other products from this company.
By Jason Kalinowski, on August 14, 2014
I have always been decent at double Unders and I used a Rogue rope prior to this one. I was struggling a little during the open and I purchased the Cyclone. It has been great and I have been able to go unbroken for much longer now. Love it.
By JARED A MAYEAUX, on August 14, 2014
I've tried a few different speed ropes, and this one definitely my favorite. The curved aluminum tubes at the end do a great job preventing the rope from the painful rope stings that come along with most other ropes. My wife's RPM rope whipped my thumb so painfully, I'll never use one of those again! The cyclone is not as 'fast' as the ropes on the market that have ball bearings, but it spins at a consistent and effortless speed that matches my double unders pace. I have somewhat big hands, so the longer handles help me keep a good grip even when I'm dripping sweat during a workout. Definitely recommend.