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IMG_3571Outfit your gym with the best equipment for mastering double-unders while at the same time customizing your jump rope handles to match gym colors. Assign cable colors to athlete heights so they may quickly locate the correct length rope during workouts.

We offer discounts/incentives for bulk orders. For those gyms interested in pointing their athletes in our direction for personalized ropes, we reward the gym with generous numbers of promo codes for free ropes to be built out online. These codes have proven to be extremely popular as awards/gifts for coaches and athletes.

Ask us about visiting your gym for double-under clinics and to size athletes for their own custom jump ropes!

Double-Under Clinics

We have developed a very successful program for conquering the double-under by breaking it down to its basic components. Most participants see a marked improvement in just a one hour session, regardless of their skill level. Some have become able to lay down their first series of consecutive jumps while others move into the 100+ range. We address the rhythm, technique and psychology of double jumping, including a personalized review of each athlete's video recorded performance.

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"We have practiced double unders at our box before but I never had any hope that I would be successful at getting them down. I've always felt too uncoordinated to be able to accomplish them. After attending your class I had much improvement. My first one minute test I could only do two consecutive double unders maxing out at a total of 6. By the end of the session I had seven consecutive and over 15 total in the 1 minute test with hope that I could soon hit 10 consecutive and so on! Thanks for providing us with all the tools we need!" -K Bass Houston,TX

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