Double Unders and Cyclone Speed Rope

Double Unders and Cyclone Speed Rope

cyclone speed ropeDouble Unders are a fun and effective way to train. They have become very popular in Cross Fit training for good reason. Double unders work on your entire body and add some extra punch to your workout. Not all jump ropes are created the same. Some are too long, too short, or too thick. What you need is a jump rope which is tailored to your height and is thin and strong enough to whip through the air with minimal effort. Cyclone Speed Ropes were designed for use with double unders and give you superior performance.

Made in the USA

All of the components of Cyclone Speed Ropes are made in the USA. Each rope is crafted to meet the specific needs of an individual athlete. Each rope is crafted for the optimal performance according to your height. Your new Cyclone Speed Rope is fully adjustable. Simply use the provided hex wrench to adjust the length of the cable.

Cyclone Speed Ropes use Gen 2.0 industrial grade cables. This ensures the rope smoothly and efficiently cuts through the air with minimal effort. This is important for double unders so that you get the best workout possible. Unlike some ropes Cyclone Speed Ropes are lightweight, yet durable. The spiral design of the handles make it easy to grip the jump rope and move the jump rope efficiently. Each jump rope is guaranteed for one full year, and you even get a personalized name plate on each rope at no extra cost.

Benefits of Double Unders in Your Workout

cyclone-studio-23The benefits of double unders reach into your entire workout. They are a great cardio workout and help you focus on control and stability. Double unders also help with body awareness, endurance, and coordination. Although they take a bit of practice and determination to master, once you have mastered double unders you will find them to be an essential component of your workout routine.

Tips for Mastering Double Unders

You will probably have to practice double unders for a while, and you may get discouraged. But don’t give up! Here are some helpful tips for you to remember.

  • If you are a beginner your rope should come up to your shoulders. Mid chest is a good length once you get the hang of them.
  • Stand up straight, look forward, engage your abs, and keep your midline stabilized.
  • Elbows should be close to your body.
  • Jump higher than you need to at first.
  • Maintain a steady jump about two to three inches off the ground.
  • It’s all in the wrists. Use your wrists, not your arms, to spin the rope.
  • Jump with your toes, not your legs.
  • Start with single unders first to get the hang of jumping rope.
  • Don’t give up!

Don’t Settle For Less than the Best

Cyclone Speed Ropes move through the air with minimal effort. The spiral grip helps you hold on to the rope and achieve the correct movement with your wrists. Made in the USA with a one year guarantee, Cyclone Speed Ropes are the best investment you can make for your double under workouts. They also include a free name plate with each jump rope. Give your double under workout an edge with Cyclone Speed Ropes. There are many styles of jump ropes and each one is tailored to your specific height. Contact us today if you have any questions about Cyclone Speed Ropes or our other products.

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